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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my project take to complete?
  • Average tiled bathroom 5 weeks
  • Average kitchen 3 weeks
  • Average 14’ x 16’ addition 15 weeks
  • High end portico 4 weeks
  • Custom millwork or interior trim 1 week
How do I prepare for the initial meeting with a contractor?

It is not necessary to have your design or selection decision made for the initial meeting. It is most helpful if the homeowner knows which types of finish materials they would like to use. Giving the contractor this information will facilitate a more accurate estimate. Different materials require different amounts of labor to install and affect the level of finish. For example, in a bathroom, you should convey whether you want vinyl flooring, tile, or stone, a fiberglass shower, or a tiled shower.

What if I need design work?

You can contact an architect, or an interior designer, or use our in-house design services to create your plans and or project specifications.

What is the difference between an estimate and a proposal, which is better?

An estimate is an educated guess at how much a project will cost. This typically means the contractor’s price is not fixed. You are agreeing to an open-ended agreement. A lot of times the project estimated price is more than originally estimated. On the other hand, a proposal is a fixed cost contract spelling out the project scope of work and materials in detail. A proposal will also inform the homeowner which circumstances encountered will change the project cost and if you should make efforts to determine these costs before signing or beginning a project. Typically, a proposal’s total cost will be more than an estimate because the proposal is created to include all costs in detail. Whereas the estimate’s cost will be lower due to the open-ended nature of the agreement and ease to raise costs.


How do I select a good contractor?

There are several things a homeowner must do before they call a contractor for the initial meeting. Performing these checks before calling a contractor will prevent you from wasting time meeting with an unqualified contractor.

  1.  Go to the website for New Castle County Land Use department’s approved contractor checklist. Make sure they are registered in the County. The County requires ALL contractors to have a bond. This bond can pay in case there is a problem with the contractor not completing or performing sub-par code work. This is a great way to protect yourself.

2.  Look for social media reviews. It is okay if the contractor doesn’t have any reviews. This does not mean he is a bad contractor he just doesn’t participate in social media and can be a good candidate. However, if the contractor has bad reviews, this most likely means stay away. 

3.  Referrals from friends and family. Understand when you get a referral from someone, you are seeing the workmanship through their lens/ point of view. You will need to physically look at the work for yourself. What one person thinks is quality workmanship another might think OMG what a mess. Also, make sure the project your friend or family member had completed by the contractor is the same or comparable type as your project.

4.  Use the Better Business Bureau as a resource. Check to see if the contractor is a member of the BBB. If they are, verify their rating and length of membership. If the contractor is a BBB member you may have an additional avenue to resolve a dispute or dissatisfaction.


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